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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fat Fighters to the RESCUE!

Salutations Friends!
Hope this blog finds you all doing well, especially now that most of you are over "hump-day".  I can't believe the way time is flying by these days, can you? Christmas is going to be here before we know it! I am trying my best to enjoy this time, before it's all over and done with.  From here on out, I am going to make a conscious effort to enjoy each day for the next month, remembering the reason for the season and enjoying family and friends!

In the next month, I know there will be a lot of goodies that I will have to deal with and make an effort to not undo all I have done in the last few months.  With the next cycle of my diet looming right after the start of the new year, I am trying to keep on the road of weight loss and try not to venture down the road of weight gain!!! Ah, but what a slippery slope it is! I am constantly amazed at how easily it is to get distracted and start down that path, sometimes,  it happens without even really realizing it! But instead of focusing on why I can't have certain foods, or why i might have to work harder than some other people do, I have decided to focus on things like "garbage in-garbage out"!!!

 I have made an effort to think about what I put in my mouth and what effect it will have on me tomorrow.  Recently, I had a great experience that was a great lesson!!!  There was a day recently at work, when 3 of us had decided to channel our inner baker and brought in treat for everyone.  3 count them 3 chocolate cakes!!!  I was having one of those days; usually they wouldn't have bothered me, but, it's amazing how easily temptation can take over when you let your guard down! So, I ate chocolate cake, quite a bit actually.  Well, besides feeling guilty, I figured "oh, well. tomorrow is another day. Pick yourself back up and get back on the wagon tomorrow!". Well, easier said than done.  I got back on the wagon he next day, but not without feeling like dirt!!!!  It was amazing how horrible I had felt from consuming so much sugar the day before...UGH!!!! So, lesson learned!!! 

So, my goal this season is to stay on track to start the new year continuing to travel "down" the hill of weight loss and not have to make up lost ground!!!! I hope all of us can achieve success and not start the new year feeling guilty or like failures!!! 

Here is one of the things I will continue to use in the next few weeks: Ultimate Fat Fighters will never be far from my reach, just in case!

Here it is as promised! the Fat Fighters Video....this little demo video shows how the Ultimate Fat fighters work! It's pretty amazing to see them in action!


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