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Saturday, December 8, 2012

...And why can't I LOSE weight?!?

I'm sure if you have ever tried losing a few extra pounds and have not had much progress, you would agree that not seeing results on the scale is, to say the least, frustrating.  Well, try working with a personal trainer twice a week for 6 months and gaining 4 pounds, trying just about every diet out there to no avail, seeing multiple dietitians and having them say they didn't see much to change about my diet, seeking out the advice of a nautropath, seeing another trainer for 3 months and not seeing any results, and finally bring so dang tired that you can;t even think about exercise being on your radar! That was my story! I figured a few years ago, enough was enough...I could hear my grandmother's voice in my head saying "so, when are you going to lose weight?".  I know, not the most cuth (that's ok, I loved her anyway) but, I was starting to wonder for myself, yeah, when??? So, I came up with a brilliant idea, gastric bypass! At this point I had tried many diets over my lifetime and had a little success, but nothing major. I thought to myself, maybe it was time to be more drastic.  I did some research and found an informational meeting to attend and off we went.  I remember sitting there thinking "this could be it"! But after being denied by insurance and not willing to pay the $25,000 price tag, it was again time to look for other options!  I felt yet again defeated, but being the person I am, picked myself up by my boot straps and tried to find another solution.  Not long after that I joined a local gym (again) and hired a personal trainer.  I figured I needed someone to kick my butt into shape and motivate me, and she was cheaper than surgery! 

So my journey with Dory began, twice a week we would meet and in between I would try to do my workout on my own.  It worked well for a while, I was pretty excited to work myself up to an hour on the elliptical machine; in the beginning all I could do was about 10 minutes!  But after working with Dory for 6 months (who was a great trainer, by the way),  I had lost inches and felt more toned, BUT had gained 4 pounds! I was thankful for the lost inches and being more toned, but REALLY?!? 4 POUNDS GAINED?!? Talk about discouraging!!! Not long after that, being so discouraged I quit the training and the gym...

I don't know about you, but, when I'm struggling with something, I will give it all I've got...well, until I'm so exhausted that the only thing left to do is give up. And believe me, I HATE giving up!!!! But after almost 3 years of active battle, and being so drained of energy, I had no other choice. I couldn't do it anymore, physically or mentally! 

So, after being told about the HCG diet, I was awfully skeptical...but what did I have to lose? I am so thankful to have found the diet and Dr. Riegg.  But, in addition to both of them, I also have gone back to my original philosophy of everything, including our bodies work well, when it is healthy and well maintained.  I have never been one to like medical "band-aids"...I would much rather take a natural supplement instead of a pill with a laundry list of side effects! 

 Please don't get me wrong, I do believe modern medicine is completely necessary, however, I also think there is more than one way to "skin a cat".   After finding out my thyroid wasn't working properly, I decided to do a little research to see what else I could do.  That's when It Works was placed in my path, and I couldn't be happier it did!


The whole philosophy of the company is to have your body in great shape, when your insides are healthy and in optimum condition, not lacking anything, they work their best! And when they work their best, you are healthy! Imagine that!  So that is now the mission I am on!!! So far, I have discovered a few things...

First, my naturopath wasn't crazy, just kidding; I loved her and I totally agreed with what she said (much of what she said is the same philosophy of It Works), I also find it funny, that certain things she said keep coming across my path time and time again! One of them is body pH. I am amazed at how important that seems to be...but, more on that later.

Second, hormones...they can be amazing and evil things. :)

Third, we all know our bodies, c'mon, we live with them each and every day! We know when something isn't right, why don't we listen more??? Listening more to my body is one of my goals!!! 

Fourth, there are some things I am not meant to eat, EVER.  I have learned time and time again, the correlation between food and how I feel, again another goal!

So how does this all fit together? Well, 2013 is all about this body and treating it like a temple instead of treating it like a dirty dive! Here we go! I hope in the next few posts, you can gain some inspiration and maybe a little knowledge from my discoveries. As always thanks for listening!

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