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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I hate feeling like CRUD!!!

One of the things I hated most over the last few years was feeling like crud!!! And believe me sometimes you don't even realize how cruddy you feel until you have a lifestyle change and feel better. Our bodies are amazing things; and they adapt, as do we so we just get used to feel the way we do.  Then one day you wake up and realize, I actually feel great! What an amazing feeling! Well, this is where my journey has taken me!

For years I didn't feel well, and more so in the last few.  But, it was a hard thing for me to recognize, especially when you have a personality that just presses on, no matter what.  Now, I can safely say the crudeness did exist and now it is gone! Thank God! But this like anything has been and continues to be a learning process!

I guess it all started when I first started the HCG diet; for those of you who aren't familiar with the diet, the second phase or "diet" part includes fruit, veggies, and lean protein.  It does NOT include dairy, sugar, or wheat.  As I told you in one of my earlier blogs, I had seen a naturopath for a few years, and one of the things she told me was to stay away from all these things! But, did I learn...nooooooo! 
So, on the second phase of the HCG diet, I once again learned I felt better when I didn't eat these things! I had more energy, felt lighter, wasn't bloated and had tons more energy!  

However, like most people, I can be an idiot sometimes! After finishing the second phase of the diet, I fell into some of my "forbidden foods". Note to self: just because they are allowed on the diet, doesn't mean your body has changed it's mind! Silly me! :)

Then I discovered It Works and more things started making sense and falling into place.  Some of the same thing my naturopath had said years earlier were once again crossing my path, maybe this time I would learn.  I truly believe that sometimes we hear things and we aren't quite ready to internalize them, I think this is exactly what has happened in my life. All the things that my naturepath had told me were true! Imagine that! ;) I just wasn't ready to listen...not ready to listen to her or my body.  But, now I am!

I have learned and finally listened to what I have been told over and over again! We all have toxins that build up in our bodies; build up of toxins in the body combined with nutrient deficiencies is what causes disease.  When the body has too many toxins, the toxins build up and the body cannot successfully rid itself of all the toxins; therefore toxins begin to "settle" into areas of the body that are the most weak.  The excess toxins settle into areas like our cells, tissues, bones, or joints and there is where they wreak havoc.  

Below is a list of what happens to a body, when it has become toxic from all of the non-food foods we eat, lifeless contaminated drinks we drink, the empty calories that fill our bodies at almost every meal with hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, herbicides, emulsifiers, stabilizers and a list of other poisonous substances. 

Can you relate to a few?

Signs of A Toxic Body
1. Chronic fatigue and lack of energy even after sleeping through the night.
2. Inability to get quality sleep.
3. Restlessness and agitation during the day and night.
4. Sudden onset of weight gain and noticeably slower metabolism.
5. Allergic reactions to things you were never allergic to before.
6. More intense seasonal allergies.
7. More intense allergies to pets, dust, pollen, etc.
8. Sudden onset of chemical sensitivities.
9. Intense cravings to constantly eat without ever feeling satisfied.
10. Constipation (don’t go to the bathroom at least 2-3 times per day).
11. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
12. Acid reflux.
13. Poor digestion.
14. Bad breath.
15. Persistent bad gas.
16. Body odor.
17. Poor circulation.
18. Muscle pains and joint aches.
19. Chronic back pain, sciatica and leg pain.
20. Brain fog and lack of mental alertness.
21. Poor memory.
22. Swollen lymph nodes.
23. Frequent headaches.
24. Irritability.
25. Yellowing of eyes.
26. Rashes and skin problems (i.e. acne, rosacea, eczema, brown spots, etc.).
27. Depression.
28. Pre-mature aging. 29. Brittle bones and soft teeth.
30. Vision impairment.
31. Fibromyalgia.
32. Cancer.

Because no one dies on the first cigarette, shot of whiskey, French fry, potato chip, soda, cookie, fried chicken dinner or microwave dinner, no one associates their stomach/digestive problems, headaches, skin rashes, nausea, fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, and pre-mature aging to the decades of abuse from what they ate, drank, breathed or smoked. Then we think we can take a pill when we get sick from this routine, totally oblivious to the drug side effects.

Greg Ciola
June 16, 2007

So what can we do about it?

Well, detox...I look at it this way, your body can either be a River of Life or a River of Disease, you choose! 
Here's what I did:


In addition to the wraps I am doing to help eliminate toxins, I also have added these products to help as well! 
It's Vital is a great multivitamin; one that actually DISSOLVES!! What a concept! If you were to put one It's Vital in a glass of water, you would see it totally dissolved within 20 minutes.  If you happen to be a Centrum vitamin taker, do yourself a favor, put one in a glass of water sometime and watch it dissolve.  I hate to tell you, you will be there for about 4 days, no joke! There are so many fillers in so many vitamins on the market that they can't dissolve, so we end up passing then without absorbing any nutrients!

Greens is a great supplement to not only get more than 8 servings of fruits and veggies, but also help keep you body in a alkaline balance.  A acidic body is a diseased body, pH balance is important for health!  My favorite part about Greens is it doesn't taste green!!! I mix mine in OJ, and it tastes like OJ, good deal!

Lastly, Regular is my new best friend! Anyone who has a slow thyroid will tell you that being "regular" can be a problem...not anymore! And, no running to the bathroom, no cramps, just take 2 at night before bed and in the morning no problems! 

Here's to our HEALTH!!!
Let's make 2013 our healthiest year yet!!!

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